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Day 3 teaching your kids how to wingsurf... this time foiling behind a boat to give them the feel of the best part of the sport - riding the foil!

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Wing foiling Lesson 2 I took my son out for the second session on the wing on Sunday. This time to a smooth tarmac car park at the beach. It was a nice sunny day with about 15 knots of wind - perfect! He was using my carver skateboard to start with but it was just too fast for him on the smooth tarmac. So he switched to his normal skateboard which has small wheels and is therefore slower. Within a couple of runs he’d mastered it and was even managing to gybe after a few more goes! What a difference a smooth car...

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Kids and Wing foiling One of the attractions of wing foiling to me is its relative safety compared to kitesurfing (my other passion!). When I was young my dad was a keen windsurfer and his passion rubbed off on me. He introduced me to windsurfing at the age of 9 years old. Windsurfing is a safe and accessible sport particularly at the beginner stage when you can teach your kids the basics on a hot summers day, in light winds and calm seas or on a lake. I wanted to repeat the same with my 9 year old son but,...

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