Hyde Sails Blast Wingfoil Wing

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Hyde sails are a well known sailmaker, they have been designing and making sails for years. They also make wings for other brands who put their own logo on it (the shape may look familiar to you!). Hyde have recently started selling their own branded wing called the Blast. 


  • Available in 3m2, 4m2, 5m2, 6m2 sizes.
  • Dynamic frame support - added stiffness to the main LE sections for crucial performance requirements like pumping and quick transitioning.

  • Enhanced camber - A much deeper profile for low end power in gustly winds and when needed most in the water start.

  • Tip twist - to allow the air to spill and drive the wing forward rather then stalling from an over tight Trailing edge. This also keeps the tension of the leech to reduce looseness and flutter.

  • Upgraed handles and positions - new webbing, foam and deeper grip channels.

  • Centre strut deflate valve - for quick deflation

  • PVC window OPTION- just the right amount in the right place to not hinder performance. The wings are available with or without windows.

  • New and revised tension setting for a much cleaner and smoother experience on the water. The new HYDE wing V3.4 come on lets have a BLAST!