F-one Rocket Air 7'2

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The new F-one Rocket Air 7'2 at 190 litres and 34” wide is a great board to start wing foiling. It has plenty of volume and width to make learning a breeze. The board includes side fins, which means you will not loose ground downwind as you learn to ride without the foil.

Once you've mastered riding with the wing, remove the side fins and attach the hydrofoil in the standard US box.

This inflatable board packs down for ease of transportation, be it in your car, on your back or on the plane.

The board can be used for wingsurf, wingfoil and even supfoil.

**in stock with distributor. Additional 2 business days delivery***

The video below shows the 7’11 board but the 7’2 is has the same features only it is a slightly different size!