Axis 1010 PNG Foil Front Wing

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This carbon Axis red Series front foil has a span of 1010mm. It excels at long, fast gliding and pumping and is perfect for wing foiling, downwinding and SUP/ surf foiling small to medium waves. . 

Technical Data:
MAX CHORD: 160mm
ACTUAL AREA 1430 square cm / 222 square inches
WINGSPAN: 1010 mm / 40 inches
PROJECTED AREA: 1430 square cm / 222 square inches
VOLUME: 1732 cubic cm / 106 cubic inches

Recommended use:
Downwinding - High Performance  / Lighter wind
SUP / Surf - High Performance / smaller to medium size waves
Wing Foiling, lighter winds
Pump Foiling
Wake Foiling

The foil comes with an Axis padded cover with zipper for transportation and storage.

Price is for front wing only, the full set is available here.