Axis 1060 BSC Carbon Foil Set with Aluminium Mast

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The Axis 1060 BSC is the easiest foil for riders in the weight range 70-95kg and an all rounder foil for WING, SUP, WAKE and PUMP. Very early lift, butter smooth riding, good speed range, and great turning for its size.

In particular the Axis 1060 BSC is the perfect foil for beginner wingfoilers as it is stable, easy to lift and very forgiving. 

AXIS BSC 1060 Carbon Wing

Technical Data:

WINGSPAN: 1060 mm / 42 inches

MAX CHORD: 200mm / 8 inches


ACTUAL AREA 1803 square cm / 278 square inches

PROJECTED AREA: 1726 square cm / 268 square inches

VOLUME: 2800 cubic cm / 171 cubic inches

Recommended use:

WING Surfing for all levels and medium + conditions. Super stable for the size

Downwinding - Medium+ conditions and intermediate+ level

SUP / Surf - Medium+ conditions and intermediate level

Wake foiling - Intermediate+ level

Pump foiling - Intermediate+ level

Windsurf foiling - Intermediate+ level

Kite foiling - Ideal for all styles, levels and conditions

Here is what the experts say:

The BSC wings are incredibly easy to ride. Bigger sizes ideal for lighter days and bigger dudes. Smaller sizes more surfy and faster. Medium AR makes them a bit slower but still faster than last years all rounds. 

The set is supplied with a carbon 440/90 rear wing (stabiliser), short red fuselage, 82cm aluminium mast, mast base, doodad and bolt set. Other rear wings are available on request. 

Note the picture shows a carbon mast - the item is supplied with an aluminium mast.