Wingsurf / wingfoil package 1 (with inflatable board)

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This is an excellent package to begin your wingsurf and wingfoil passion. The supplied F-one Rocket Air board packs down into a small backpack and has side fins to help you keep upwind. Once you have mastered wingsurfing, fit the foil to the board and learn to foil with the same board! 

The 7'2 F-one Rocket Air board is designed to be used for wingsurfing, wingfoiling, Paddleboarding, SUP foiling, windsurfing and windfoiling!

The Gravity 1800 foil supplied is perfect for learning to foil being a low aspect foil it comes on foil slowly and predictably. Once you progress the front wing and stabiliser can be upgraded through a separate purchase to increase the performance.

This package includes

  • F-one Rocket Air 7’2 board
  • Ozone wasp v2 5m2 (colour may vary call to confirm)
  • F-one gravity 1800 FCT hydrofoil set (inc. 85cm mast)
  • 7‘ leash

Contact us to discuss this package or tailor it to you needs!