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Who are we?

We are a family business based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Nick the owner is an ex-windsurfer and he has been kitesurfing since 2000 and was one of the first wing foilers in Scotland!

What do we sell?.

Azure Watersports sells wing foiling, kitesurfing, standup paddleboarding and surf foiling equipment.


Big thanks to Nick at Azure Watersports for some great advice and sorting me out with the kit I needed at short notice

Darren from Aberdeen

Fantastic, quick service. Staff are extremely knowledgeable and gave lots of helpful tips!

Lisa from Aberdeen

Great service from Nick at Azure Watersports. Good prices, quick delivery and good to have a local shop with real foiling experience.

Andy from Elgin

Contacted Azure Watersports in the optic of buying new foil gear. Thanks to Nick's knowledge, expertise and rapid answer we defined and localised the best ones for my needs. Very satisfied and recommend without hesitation. Its great news to have an Aberdeen/Grampian region kite/foil dealer.

Ross from Aberdeen

Wing foil, Kitesurf, sup and surf foil - Azure Watersports Scotland

wing surf, wing ding, wing foil...

What is wing foiling? It's a new sport that has been around since 2019 with no official name as yet. Call it wing surf, wing foil or wing ding! Its a mix between windsurfing and kitesurfing, very accessible and opens up spots that are too small for kitesurfing and offers a lighter wind option to windsurfing.

We sell Ozone, F-one, Flysurfer, Axis, SIC Maui brands.

Wings include the Ozone Wasp V2, F-one Strike, Flysurfer Mojo, F-one Swing V2 and Raptor wings. Boards include F-one Rocket Air and F-one Rocket V2.


We have been foiling since 2019. Originally starting as a light wind alternative but quickly moving into surf and higher winds as riding the magic carpet is additive!

We sell F-one and Axis hydrofoils. 


We have been kitesurfing for more than 20 years, since the start of the sport. Experienced at kite foiling, surfing and twintip riding we can offer advice in all kitesurfing disciplies.

We sell F-one and Ozone kites and boards. 

Surf foiling


We sell F-one and SIC Maui prone foil boards.

Standup Paddleboarding (SUP) and foiling

We sell F-one, Sandbanks Style and SIC Maui standup paddle boards (both rigid and inflatable). 

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland

The north east of Scotland is a great place for wing surf, kitesurfing and other types of foiling. With its beautiful uncrowded beaches and lochs there are plenty of spots to choose from. Contact us today to discuss how to get on the water in Scotland!


Brands we sell

Axis foils and boards
Ozone kitesurf and wingsurf
F-one kitesurf sup surf kitesurf wingsurf foil

where are we?

Manofield, Aberdeen, UK.


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