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Get Your Kids into WingFoiling - Tick!
So finally I’m pleased to say that we have had success! After many hours of trying my 10 year old son...
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F-one Strike CWC 8m2 Perfect for Summer light winds
Yet another day of 6 to 10knots wind forecast again today – dont sit around waiting for wind this...
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Tips for Water Starting a Small Board
Tips for Waterstarting a Small Board So now that you have progressed to using a small board...
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DIY Dock Starting
Beginner Pump Foil Setup What to do when there’s no wind or waves and you have a foiling itch...
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Learning to SUP Foil
I decided to give SUP foiling a go recently after quite a few failed attempts at surf or prone foiling....
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Day 3 kid's wing foiling lesson
I have finally managed to write the next update blog post “in teaching my son to wing surf”!...
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Fantastic day wing foiling at Fraserburgh North East Scotland
I had an excellent day wing foiling at Fraserburgh a couple of weeks ago. The sun was shining and summer...
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F-one Rocket Air 7'11
F-one Rocket Air 7’11 Inflatable Wing Foil Board Overview
Check out this walk through video of the Rocket Air 7’11 board. In stock now, contact us if you have...
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Day 2 - Teach Your Kids to Wing Foil
I took my son out for the second session on the wing on Sunday. This time to a smooth tarmac car park...
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Get your kids into Wing Foiling
KIDS AND WING FOILING One of the attractions of wing foiling to me is its relative safety compared...
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