Fantastic day wing foiling at Fraserburgh North East Scotland

I had an excellent day wing foiling at Fraserburgh a couple of weeks ago. The sun was shining and summer had arrived. It was blowing 25 knots when I arrived so I rigged up the 4.2m2 F-one strike and tested out the HPS 880 foil from Axis for the first time.

The HPS 880 felt lively underfoot with a very nice top speed. It has noticeably less glide compared to the 980 so its more suited to blasting around and doing tricks than wave riding in the small chop that I had on this day. At one point I raced a friend kitesurfing on his surfboard and managed to keep up with him but not leave him behind so that gives and idea of the speed (or my slow riding style!).

The wind dropped as the day progressed so I came in and rigged up the 5m Ozone Wasp v2 with the Axis HPS 980 front wing. I immediately noticed the better glide with the larger foil so I could flag out the wing for longer, riding the small waves and swell. 

Thanks to Broch Photo House for the pictures!

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