Airush Freewing V3


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The FreeWing AIR v3 has been fully upgraded for all-round performance and pro-level freestyle.

The medium-aspect wing ratio together with short strut delivers a compact power balance making the wing more maneuverable in tacks & gybes, and minimizing wingtip contact with water. A firmer canopy tension provides consistent power delivery and excellent flagged-out stability, while also offering a wide wind range. It also offers more stability and lift from the canopy in maneuvers, making tacking and gybing a dream.

The AIR v3’s offset center strut enables you to pull the wing in without bending your arm and it has a parallel hand position. The tapered strut features a wide and strong connection at the base, creating a stiffer overall airframe. The leading edge features a slight dihedral to maintain significant power whilst gaining better stability when the wing is flagged out.

We continue with our class-leading front handle design with generous space and comfort, without compromising responsiveness & control.


A new innovative seam construction can tolerate higher PSI in the leading edge and strut. Attaining a high pressure airframe improves the stiffness, responsivesnss and overall performance of the wing.


Medium-aspect wing ratio together with short strut for compact power balance makes the wing more maneuverable, performing better through tacks & gybes, and when flagged out.


Provides consistent power delivery and excellent flagged-out stability. Also, more stability and lift from the canopy in maneuvers, making tacking and gybing a dream


Window position for maximum vision. Made from PU material for winter use and durability.


The wing is faster, more stable and maneu- verable due to the reduced diameter Leading Edge. Firm-Flex Grip Handle 90 grams


Thin optimized wingtips reduce drag, enhancing stability for a smoother glide when the wing is flagged out.


Creates a solid connection between the center strut and the leading edge. Pumping becomes more efficient, improving acceleration and high-end power/speed.


The back handle does not need to be as pulled in and allows for a more extended arm position, increasing overall comfort and balance.


Cutting-edge seam technology & a unique Dacron material strut tolerates higher PSI, increasing overall stiffness of the airframe.


The first wing handle system of its kind allows switching between soft and hard handles, personalizing your wing.


Each leash complements the strut‘s length when stretched out to prevent entanglement during wipeouts, & recoils back to have a leash that is as short as possible when riding. Carbon Pre-preg Handle 100 grams


Allows you to turn your inflatable SUP pump into a FreeWing pump.


The bag fits both the wing and the pump with ease. It also comes with backpack carrying straps for your convenience.

THE FIRM-FLEX GRIP HANDLE (supplied as standard)

The Firm-Flex Grip Handle offers a perfect blend of the stability and connectivity of a hard handle, with the safety and compact design of a soft handle. The secret is the unique internal injection molded nylon core; this part features anti-twist inserts points which lock the handle into place, keeping the wing firm in your hands and creating a direct connection.
This part remains flexible during impact, preventing damage to your board or to the rider in the case of impact. This also allows the wing to be easily packed preventing any potential damage to the wing during storage and travel.
The molded nylon core features rounded edges as a first step. The handle is then padded inside and outside with ergnomically molded EVA, which is then wrapped in our unquie pre-treated webbing for comfortable grip and features a new anti-roll stitching for increased handle stability.

CARBON PRE-PREG HANDLE (optional part)

The new Carbon Pre-Preg Handle delivers precise control & direct response at the lightest weight possible. The shaft is constructed with uni-directional pre-impregnated carbon and reinforced nylon anti-twist mounts. The short 200mm weighs only 100 grams, while the longer 330mm weighs just 120 grams.
We didn’t stop at making the lightest handle on the market, it needed grip. The carbon handle also features a molded 3.5mm textured grid finish for non-slip control.
The lightweight handle ensures the wing floats effortlessly when set in the neutral position for the ultimate wingfoil performance when surfing waves or down winding.

Size Windrange Inflation Pressure
2.5 m2 30+ knots 10 psi
3.0 m2 25-38 knots 10 psi
3.5 m2 20-35 knots 10 psi
4.0 m2 16-30 knots 9 psi
4.5 m2 14-28 knots 9 psi
5.0 m2 12-25 knots 8 psi
5.5 m2 10-22 knots 8 psi
6.0 m2 8-18 knots 7 psi
7.0 m2 6-16 knots 7 psi


4.5m2, 4m2, 5.5m2, 5m2, 6m2, 7m2

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