Ozone Reo V6 Kite


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The Reo is an iconic model in the kitesurf world, designed for uncompromised wave riding and renowned for delivering outstanding performance and feeling.
Key features are:
  • Wave riding specific design
  • Versatile performance in all conditions
  • Two Variable Bridle Geometry settings
  • Direct handling, huge de-power, insane drift

The Reo’s unique flying characteristics and versatile performance allow you to maximize the potential of every wave, from on-shore slop to cross-off barreling reef breaks. Fast direct handling and insane drift combined with huge de-power means you can choose exactly where you want to place yourself on a wave to make that next move – smash the lip, clear a section, carve turns or snap in the pocket.


5m2, 10m2, 11m2, 12m2, 6m2, 7m2, 8m2, 9m2

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